This Season's Pick: Leather Pants

If you're going to invest in one key piece this winter, let it be leather pants. Not only do they go with absolutely everything, but they are WARM. These are my top 8 picks of the season - which will you choose? 


Helmut Lang 

J Brand 



Sass & Bide


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013

Captured in the brand new Paris flagship store, Freja Beha Erichsen looks nothing short of completely boss. From the sharp edged smoking jackets to the towering heels, Saint Laurent's Pre-Fall 2013 takes inspiration from a day in a rock star's wardrobe. 
Personally, I'm already suffering from life without those leather pants. 

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Sunday Mix

Hope everyone had a great weekend x


Ksubi Sydney Warehouse Sale, 2013

Now THIS is actually a once in a lifetime sale - in this hall where I've spent countless dollars before, you'll be able to buy the Ksubi you've known and loved for the very last time - that is, the designs fostered by ex-Ksubi designers Dan & George. 

Pick Your Team

Les Plus Dores 'Fashion Dream Team' Tees

Millie Loves Min Yeezy & Moss Tees

Daan 'Animaals' Tee

It only takes one glance at the style shots from recent Fashion Weeks around the world to notice the team tees being donned by fashion lovers left right and centre. From the selection out there at the moment I've chosen three of my favourites - the Fashion Dream Team tees by New York clothing brand Les Plus Dores, the Moss & Yeezy tees by Aussie label Millie Loves Min, and the Animaals tee by the one and only ex-Ksubi creative genius, Dan Single, as part of his new label 'Daan'. 
So, which team will you pick? 

Find Les Plus Dores at Tuchuzy, Millie Loves Min here, and Daan at General Pants Co.


An Education

I have to admit, before I started working at Tuchuzy I'd never heard of Rochas. More to the point, when I was unpacking the Monday delivery a few weeks ago and these shoes came out, I wasn't actually that enthused. 

Often it's the case that until you've been given the full history of a designer or a proper understanding of how a piece can actually work, you shrug it off and just say "it's not my style". Which at first, these shoes definitely weren't. 

On the Monday afternoon that we received these shoes we had a 'product night', where the buyers take us through each collection and explain their choice to make each piece a part of the Tuchuzy collection. 

On this Monday night, amidst the mass of information we were given, our Head Buyer, Angela, asked me to try on the flat gym boots above. 
"What do you like about them?" she asked, after I'd zipped them up. 
I had them on over my Rag & Bone distressed Heritage jeans and when I looked down at my feet I actually felt, for lack of a better term, pretty boss.

As it turns out, Rochas is a label worth some attention. Headed by Marco Zanini, the man who once assisted Dolce & Gabbana in their Ready-To-Wear line before becoming Donatella Versace's right-hand man, Rochas is a French fashion empire now dictating trends globally. 

Ange went on to explain that these shoes were the next step forward for all style-conscious Sydney women. We ALL love our ankle boots (especially me - I appear to have a problem...), and while there's absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to what you love, it's important to move with the times and change up our styles to keep things exciting. Where these shoes are completely scary in how different they are to what we're used to, they make up for it in edge, quality, and dare I say, they are so fucking comfortable. The flats make any glam outfit spunky and the heels make you look like someone I'd be intimidated to talk to. Bottom line - they're daring, and isn't that what creating new looks is all about? 

Find them here, or come in and say hi while you try them in the flesh.
To see more of the beautiful designs at Rochas, visit their site here. 


The Return

Looking back on the last post on Ksubi's 2012 show at Fashion Week I have suddenly become quite aware that it's been A LONG TIME. 

Since the last post, a ridiculous amount of change has occurred. Not only Ksubi, the subject of the last post, nothing like it's former self due to the departure of Dan & George, but I suppose looking back I am not much like my former self, which will probably come through in these posts. Since the last post, I've travelled, left uni, gone back to uni, begun coordinating PR for a few exciting projects and most recently started working at the place that I've seen as my shopping Mecca ever since I discovered it all those years ago - Tuchuzy. 

So, to whichever wonderful individual has read this far, welcome back to Young Blood Runs Wild (to both you and me), and to be my lame self and quote one of the loves of my life - 
- Steve Tyler