Nicole Trunfio's 'Eight & A Half'

With a massive departure from her last ethnic inspired collection (which, just quietly, looked like souvenirs from Indochina), Nicole Trunfio has released her second collection, this time titled Eight & A Half. It's certainly better. In fact, I must admit that I might have my eye on the crystal pyramid pendant and the spiky ring that kind of resembles a cartoon sun. Those pieces are di-vine. On the other hand, the little pyramid skeleton rings look like they've been yanked off Chronicles of Never's oxidized silver chains (beautiful oxidized silver chains at that) and put (uncomfortably) on the model's fingers. Honestly. Shout out to Gareth Moody - I think you've been copied my sweet! 
I just love Gareth Moody. 

All in all, it's a good collection in light of her Trunfio's last one, but I wouldn't let her quit her day job (which she is absolutely fabulous at). Not one of the pieces seems entirely original as almost every piece reminds me of a piece you can find in Tuchuzy at Bondi (the crystal cuff - worse version of Maniamania's cuff, the two finger ring - get it ten times cheaper here, and pyramids, as I've already mentioned, are very damn similar to these). Next time, no copying please. 

Echoes in the Valley

Images via Oraclefox, Theyallhateus, Fashiontoast, Fuckitsbeautiful & TFS. 

At Home With Pip

Love Pip Edwards! As I regularly rifle through 'The Selby' to stalk homes of the awesome (yes I also bought the book...), I was particularly excited to see one of my favorite Australian stylists' (not to mention amazing Sass & Bide jewellery designer) Paddington home on frontliners (now my go-to Australian version of The Selby). I love Pip's eclectic style. Also, how cute is Justice's little Bassike tee! 

Images via frontliners.


Ksubi Declares War

Inspired by 90's grunge and the neo-punk movement, Ksubi's latest collection 'War' is a complete change in direction to their usual off-beat casual street style. Heading for a more luxe feel, the brand appear to have reinvented themselves. Brilliant. 

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