Postcards from Santa Barbara & Hawaii

1. Leather boots from this awesome little store in Honolulu full of genuine cowboy and Indian stuff.
2. Twilight in Santa Barbara.
3. Massive vintage cuff - I had to have it. 
4. The sun rising at 5.30am in Santa Barbara taken while waiting for the bus to LAX. 
5. MAC lipsticks... my true loves. From left to right: Hue, Pretty Please, Saint Germaine, Impassioned, Vegas Volt & Cyber. 
6. Fireworks in Hawaii. 
7. Malted waffles with fresh mixed berries in Hawaii. 
8. Copper rings from Aldo.
9. Hawaiian rainbow taken from the balcony. 
10. The belt selection... from left to right: vintage, Forever21, Forever21, Sass & Bide. 
11. Tiffany lit up at night in Waikiki. 
12. The view of the hotel from the beach (the Trump International Hotel Waikiki). 
13. Forever 21 necklace. 
14. The Hawaiian sunset. 
15. Cobalt blue reptile bag from Forever 21. 
16. A fresh take on a garden salad in Santa Barbara. 
17. Waikiki beach, taken from the hotel balcony. 
18. A cosmopolitan in Santa Barbara. 
19. Aldo cuff.
20. Moonlit Santa Barbara. 

A few shots from the trip so far... more to come to cover the last few days of the trip coming up!

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