LA: Days 1 & 2

1. Left to right: ring by H&M, cuff by H&M, ring by Forever 21. 
2. Feather earrings at Venice Beach. 
3. The Pink Lotus cocktail at Crustacean made mostly with fairy floss and Vodka. 
4. Rings at Santa Monica. 
5. Layered coconut cake at Crustacean. 
6. Stalls at Venice Beach.
7. Quintessential LA.
8. Welcome cupcakes at the Montage. 
9. Bracelets at Venice Beach. 
10. Raspberrini at the Scarpetta Bar at the Montage. 
11. Boutiques at Santa Monica. 
12. LF Store at Venice. 
13. Naked by Urban Decay - AMAZING. Best purchase so far! Thinking I might have to buy another one for when I run out!
14. LF Store at Venice. 
15. I love orchids and they're everywhere at the Montage :)
16. Boots from Forever 21. 
17. LF Store at Venice. 
18. Truffle linguine at Scarpetta... best meal so far. 

Just a few shots from LA so far. Loving the shopping, the weather and the food! Thought I'd post a couple of pictures from the past couple of days but there are many more to come... sales start tomorrow for 4th July so there'll be many more purchases to document! 

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