See You In A Week

Young Blood is off to Avoca 
See you sooooon x


Style Files: Axl Rose

Before anything is said it must be acknowledged we are only admiring the style PRIOR to his evident fall from excellence (in case you don't know, he's now less than great)... NEVERTHELESS...
His style during the 1980s would have to be considered one of the best frontman styles in rock history. Check out the video to Sweet Child of Mine, and wish you had the leather pants. 
With this style file comes a fun fact - 'Axl Rose' is an anagram of 'oral sex' - hence the name choice. You learn something new every day people. 

Image of the Day


Never In Your Wildest Dreams

Young Blood opens the shutter, again (and again). 


Image of the Day



Image of the Day

This reminds me of Black Swan... if you haven't seen it, get up. Take my word - you want to see this one in cinema rather than at home. 


Lucie, I saw this and straight away thought of you loving it. ;) x

Now [And Then]

To the rainy weekend. 

Day In The Life, by Cama

A sample of Cama's latest shoot - Untitled Day In The Life (Parts I - III). Check it out here. 

Photography & Styling: Cama
Model: Sam Baker


Animals in Fashion... again

I'm a sucker for several things, two of which are fashion, and animals. Loving the combination. 

Style Files: Russell Brand

Side note: Katy what is with the pink patterned jumpsuit mate? This is meant to be about good style! (or style full stop...) 

I don't know anyone who thinks Russell Brand can't dress. His style is amazing! Both girls and boys can take a leaf out of his book... although I'm not sure I'd have my man waltzing the streets in Sass & Bide black rats. Nevertheless, I never say no to leather pants and a sharp blazer. And if my guardian angel wants to shoot down a pair of the YSL Johnny boots in leopard print I won't say no to them either...