Style Files

Alexa - what other woman can mix polka dots and leopard print? Exactly. 

Rumi - could you be any more excellent? One of my favorites. Ever. 

Kate. No explanation needed. A comment does need to be made however about the gimp standing next to her in image one - I may be a retard for not knowing who it is, but she needs to relax about touching Kate. Just saying...

Krystal. Probably the only person in the world who looks awesome in American flag jeans. 

Sienna. This girl knows how to throw an outfit together. 

Pip. Always looks so edgy and cool... a definite top number in my style icon list. 

Any given Olsen twin. They rarely get it wrong. 

Drew. Yes, a surprise to me too, but if you do a bit of a dig into her fashion history, there are some excellent little morsels she's come up with, time after time. 

Abbey Lee. I really don't need to say any more here. 

Sandra. My addiction to your blog is growing. Amazing. 

Bambi. Ever since she came into the shop I've been doing a bit of a style stalk... with looks like that she can do no wrong! Plus, she's dating Dan. I'm not going to go on about this... 

Images via google images & TFS 

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