JC's 'Sexy' Summer

Ah sweet Jeffy has done it again. And how could he not? The man's a God of shoe world (and my world for that matter - his shoes make my grey skies blue). His SS11 collection brings us a fresh take on some old styles, and then some new styles all together. Just quietly, those pink suede numbers need to join my family of shoes immediately. Likewise the white Litas (true summer boots - the thought genuinely thrills me!). Head down to Tuchuzy if Bondi is close to your hood otherwise jump online and make it happen. You know you want to.


  1. And yet another masterpiece, my bank account will not suffice.

    "When the world slips you a Jeffrey stroke the furry...shoe"

    Tis Anne Flanne ;)

    x x

  2. hahaha damn right... good old jeffrey...

    "i'm gonna cover the whole outside of my house in this material"

    pink suede? white pony fur? bit of both?

    ;) xxx