Can you believe it took five people to take this photo? 
Merry Christmas friends :) 


Image of the Day

In light of seeing Dan & Bambi down at Balmoral the other day I thought I might post this... as you can imagine it was pretty much the highlight of my day! 

It Was The Night Before Christmas...

Merry Christmas x 


A bit of this and a bit of that

A bit of a mix right before Christmas - enjoy! 


Bar Tab 74

A few snaps from the Xmas party last night... everyone looked amazing. A few matching pieces as you can see but it was bound to happen! 

Colour & Silk

A few of Topshop's SS11 pieces 
This is the collection I've been waiting a long time for - hallelujah for the fabrics and colours! 


It's love

Be still my beating heart! Those who have paid attention will know my obscene obsession for anything galaxy print as well as my serious desire for a pair of Miu Miu satin Mary Janes. The day has come. The two become one. I lose my mind. When I saw these I had a nervous breakdown - I kid you not. Until now, I hadn't found the perfect galaxy print piece (I've been looking far and wide) - but these fill my every need. Santa? Come on mate. 

Image of the Day

The Cobra Snake & Erin Wasson 

Open Wilderness

Gemma Booth for Foam Magazine,

An absolutely phenomenal shoot - it's one of those that I wish I'd come up with myself - it's such a good concept and location. Not to mention the styling! Another favorite.