Papa Sucre

It can be said I've been waiting for this moment for some time... so with great excitement I bring you Sass and Bides SS11 collection named playfully after the girls' imaginary friend who journeys with them on all their travels - Papa Sucre, French for Sugar Daddy. A significant contrast to their previous collection, Tomorrow the Great, this season's collection plays with new colours to the Sass and Bide palate including beautiful watermelons, khakis, inks and fiery crimsons. Texture is another addition. The raffia detailing mixed with the metallics shown in both the fabrics and the accoutrements of bronze neck and waist plates is a bold and revolutionary choice for the Sass and Bide girls who would usually look towards embellishment for detail. Those of you who know my obsession for my Ksubi silk tee will be hardly surprised at my excitement for the digitally printed silks in the collection (there are no words.) - I can tell you now both those pants and that top can already be considered part of my wardrobe... also to keep in mind is that this show mainly featured the Ready to Wear collection - keep your eyes open for the Vie collection (part of which I have seen and fallen in love with...)
They need to stop doing this to me...

Images via Sass & Bide


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