Yes Vincent

Yes Vincent feather collars and cuffs... would cost me my life savings but perhaps this is what life is about?

End of an Era

After almost a year at General Pants Glasshouse it was a little sad to see the doors close for the last time... it was a good little store. Upon thinking about my time at GPC a little harder I realized I walked out of there a very different person to the Madeleine who walked in last August as a Christmas casual... time flies when you're having fun.

You can check out GPC's stuff here.

"Real life awaits us"

Would you believe this amazing jewellery label Maniamania came about when stylist Tamila Purvis and art director Melanie Kamsler met in the creation of Russh magazine? The label's latest shoot for the 2010 collection 'Real Life Awaits Us' has a definite Russh feel but the jewellery ascends to an entirely new level. Some amazing pieces. I think I have a bit of a crush.


Abbey Lee Kershaw. One of Australia's best exports?


Techno vision

Whilst these glasses aren't new at all and have been in my sights for some time, I can't help continue to wonder exactly how much my life would benefit if I owned them..

This guy knows the drill.

The excellence of this young man's shirt was impossible to leave unphotopgraphed.

Ze collection

For a while now I've been collecting rings of all sorts... it's become an obsessive habit. I only really wear 15 out of the hundred and something of them but every time I see a different ring I seem to think I can't live without it.



Jeffrey Campbell 'Tribute' Boots

Alexander McQueen 'Armadillo' Heels

When you saw the Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes explode into the fashion scene you checked the price tag; not because you thought they would be a logical purchase nor did you think you would ever wear them, but you did check. Upon doing so you put McQueen's wonderful creations into the "shit I will never afford" list. Now, in tribute to the late McQueen, US designer Jeffrey Campbell has been at the drawing pad and come up with the 'tribute' heels, which are at about a tenth of the price of the McQueen creatures, plus a percentage of the profits will go towards a charity aiding depression and suicide. Available in July from LF Stores as a limited edition.


This is Aussie, my beautiful Maine Coon. He turns ten next week! Happy birthday to my fluffy friend


You can't avoid going broke.

Mink Pink, Evil Twin & Staple Warehouse Sale - Up to 75% off
Friday 25th June 7.30am - 4.00pm
Saturday 26th June 9.00am - 4.00pm
@ 103 - 107 Foveaux Street, Surrey Hills

Images via Mink Pink

The Silk Parade

Ksubi digital print silk tees - now a rare fashion delicacy that's difficult to find. I've put in a couple of photos of me wearing my one true love so you can see just how amazing the colours are... I'm on a mission to collect the other five tees I failed to get my hands on... wish me luck.

I get a shiver down my backbone

The Dsquared Fall 2010 spinal stiletto boots.

Evil Twin; Winter the Second.

Evil Twin's second winter release available at General Pants
Images via Platinum Evil


Oh wonderful day.



Had to post these images of the Kirrily Johnston show from RAWF 2010 as my boyfriend Samm was part of the team that did the hair! Too proud for words.

Images via Marie Claire