On friday this will... all be over. I've been working on a body of work which has become a series of poems entitled Introspection. What began as a few jibberish words now governs my every thought. Seeing as on Friday it will be over and out, I thought I'd pay homage to the joy and trials of what has been Extension II. This is one of many. This is Trust. 



                        Thump thump.



Stinging vision nebulous to the fluorescent burst of white light.



Imagination of the strobe lights leak under my eyelids. Queasy nakedness…


                                    The     c a n o p y   of lacy   f r a g i l i t y   stretches                                                                                                                  beyond me.


And then, You.

D i l u t i o n      

                        of my dread.

Corners of a twinkle…

                                                            Inspirit and finalization


Coaxing a   d  r  e  a  m 

                                      from my crumbling faith.