flight lights


Mickey Mouse by Night

Night lights. 77 on an initially uneventful Saturday kicks the arse of most places. Starting off at World Bar we payed a puny $15 and took advantage of free drinks for two hours... Excellent. If you've got the money, invest in an $18 teapot... full of spirits. Night half explained. 


City Slurs

Samm. My partner in crime, my male self and often, my muse. 



While I'm on my Dangerous Dan rampage I might as well continue. 

For about a month now Dangerous Dan has swung into action with a new initiative called Friday-A-Rama every Friday at Ruby Rabbit from 9pm (free before 11, $10 after 11). Having missed out on June's Porn-A-Rama, you need to compensate for the sense of loss.

This Friday he'll be joined by the likes of AJAX, his bro Beni and his Bang Gang buddies. 

Eat the opportunity before it eats you. 

Ruby Rabbit, 231 Oxford Street 

Horse Meat Disco

Dangerous Dan is my favorite, without question. To add to the bonus of this event, FBI is helping run it, which as you know, will help their proceeds in saving FBI. So we all feel good. 

Tickets are $20, so if next Monday doesn't feel like it's happening for you... write off Sunday and make it official.

Fire Sonic

All images by Young Blood Runs Wild.