The Major Work

My HSC Art Major Work went in last week... after months of chitter chatter and snapping of the shutter I've picked nine of my 1 million images and printed them so large I can't hold them by myself. But they're sick. 

The title is Young Blood Runs Wild and they look at the depiction of the the erratic and uncontrollable nature of our 'young blood' through representation in lights at night. It's all riff-raff and to be honest I'm not sure I understand my artist statement. I just like lights and taking photos of 'young blood', that is, us. 

The idea is that our generation thinks ourselves as invincible. We can smoke and not get cancer. We can take drugs and expect a decent UAI. We can get in fights and never get hurt. We dress to excess and scream as loud as we can all to the means of being young. Trashy is no longer a negative connotation and Fag is no longer reserved for the homosexual. Today, we're all a little bit gay and anyone's mind can be changed to fit the mould of Our Young Blood. Stopping is years away and when we finally do, no damage will have been done, right? 

These are a few of the prints, 

The boy; Samm. The lights; Sydney. 

Click on them to make them bigger than your screen.

More to come.

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