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For Christmas last year Samm gave me Annie Leibovitz at Work out of my growing obsession and interest in photography. I had never heard of her before, and I'm telling you now she is a MUST DISCOVER. 

In 2007 she did a shoot for Vanity Fair Magazine which 'was a series of pictures that told a classic, if perhaps slightly muddled, film noir story involving a dead private eye, a blond heiress to a lemon-grove fortune in Los Angeles, a tough homicide detective, a tabloid photographer, and several other characters along those lines.' 

In terms of fashion's collision with photography, Leibovitz sits smack-bang in the middle, capturing possibly some of the best fashion photography the world has seen. What's better, is she devises the entire shoots, brainstorming the ideas herself and resolving the shoot by herself. Genius. 

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