Red Room

Midnight Horrors


Cirque Du So-Rave

Last Saturday we hit up 77's Circus. Lost in a sea of clowns and cats, between us we managed to get silly spray in our eyes, glitter in our mouths, sonic crickets bouncing around our ears, and the black lung. After a smash up between a Michael Jackson tribute and 77's usual wicked tunes, my feet still hurt.


Neon Nights

Smack, Crack, Pop. 

Last month we checked out the opening of a new Friday night innitiative at The Supper Club on Oxford Street - Neon Nights. Run by the Starfuckers boys, the night kicked off slowly, but by the time midnight had ticked by the place was buzzing.

Neon nights will be happening once a month on a Friday at the same venue for the same small price of $10. If you're bored before 11 before the night's kicked off, head upstairs to the Polo Lounge - not for a drink, but to look at the lifesize horse lamp that greets you upon arrival. Excellent.


Old 77

Before this Saturday's escapade I thought I'd post up some old memoirs from the nights lost in the world of frights and lights... 77. For those of you who don't know the underground den... I shall explain.

Initially a gay club that sits somewhere between Kings Cross and East Sydney, today the doors spill with young blood under the labels of fags, freaks, munters, and anyone in between. With a cult following to the club due to its loose 'anything goes' aura and regular DJs - most famously, Mr. Disorder and Hookie, from what I've seen there's rarely a dull night to be had at 77.

So here's a few photographs from previous rampages at 77.x


Brielle and Alexandra. We shot these in Rawson National Park on a hot February day which left the girls' makeup dripping. Click the images to make them bigger. 


The Cobra Snake

I'm sure you've all heard of him or seen his famous images in their unique style. Possibly the world's most well known party photographer, Mark the Cobra Snake is living the dream we all wish we lived. 

His photos are definitely worth taking note of; if not to admire his photography, to admire his lifestyle! 

These are some of my favorites: 

Circus this Saturday at 77

Club 77. The Underworld; a dungeon filled with fags, freaks, geeks, creatures, drinks and drugs. 

This Saturday we're heading off to the 77 Reunion in memory of some good times. You can expect to get smoke in your eyes, mud in your shoes, sweat down your neck and amyl drifting past your nostrils while you watch boys hook up to Hookie's electro boppy tunes. Expect to get your makeup ruined and your senses insulted. 

A night not to be missed. x 

I Like Chocolate and Candy

We took these in an abandoned rehabilitation centre in Bronte which has turned into a haven for graffiti artists. 

The photos were taken by Michael Filocamo for our friend Jack Fogel who can be considered half human half graffiti artist who made the t-shirts we wore. 

He called his design I Like Chocolate and Candy. 

Madeleine and Alexandra for Chameleon Boy; Michael Filocamo

Michael Filocamo, 18, Sydney, Photographer, Friend.
I've known this young man since the early days of life back in Sydney.

Having come 15th in the country when he entered his photos into General Pants' The Bubble, I can tell you this boy has talent. I've had the pleasure of working with him in three of his photo shoots, each of which the finished product has been amazing.

Check these out.
These are the photographs he submitted to The Bubble featuring my good friend Alexandra and yours truly.

All clothing vintage, jewellery from my trip to Vietnam with Alexandra.

Strange and Excellent Minds

Check out Ksubi's blog which so happens to reside on their website. It used to showcase their clothes but now, like their old site... showcases the strange and excellent minds and talents of the Ksubi boys. 

Gaybash - the regular DF electric parties held by the Ksubi boys. You know it's good when the kids are sucking on dummies at the end. 

The Major Work

My HSC Art Major Work went in last week... after months of chitter chatter and snapping of the shutter I've picked nine of my 1 million images and printed them so large I can't hold them by myself. But they're sick. 

The title is Young Blood Runs Wild and they look at the depiction of the the erratic and uncontrollable nature of our 'young blood' through representation in lights at night. It's all riff-raff and to be honest I'm not sure I understand my artist statement. I just like lights and taking photos of 'young blood', that is, us. 

The idea is that our generation thinks ourselves as invincible. We can smoke and not get cancer. We can take drugs and expect a decent UAI. We can get in fights and never get hurt. We dress to excess and scream as loud as we can all to the means of being young. Trashy is no longer a negative connotation and Fag is no longer reserved for the homosexual. Today, we're all a little bit gay and anyone's mind can be changed to fit the mould of Our Young Blood. Stopping is years away and when we finally do, no damage will have been done, right? 

These are a few of the prints, 

The boy; Samm. The lights; Sydney. 

Click on them to make them bigger than your screen.

More to come.

Ksubi + Insight Sale

Ohhhh yes. It's these points in the year that make not buying the second packet of cigarettes last weekend all worthwhile. And whilst Ksubi IS expensive, the extra $14 will actually do something for me at this sale... cos this shit becomes cheeeap. 

The prices are worth it. 
The clothes are worth it.
The idea of lining up in the depths of Sydney's winter rain... is worth it. 

Be there or be square. It's worth it. 

Idea Juice

Drink, and be inspired. 

For Christmas last year Samm gave me Annie Leibovitz at Work out of my growing obsession and interest in photography. I had never heard of her before, and I'm telling you now she is a MUST DISCOVER. 

In 2007 she did a shoot for Vanity Fair Magazine which 'was a series of pictures that told a classic, if perhaps slightly muddled, film noir story involving a dead private eye, a blond heiress to a lemon-grove fortune in Los Angeles, a tough homicide detective, a tabloid photographer, and several other characters along those lines.' 

In terms of fashion's collision with photography, Leibovitz sits smack-bang in the middle, capturing possibly some of the best fashion photography the world has seen. What's better, is she devises the entire shoots, brainstorming the ideas herself and resolving the shoot by herself. Genius.